What Materials Are Needed for Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting Canvas

The canvas is the foundation of any diamond painting project. High-quality canvases are pre-printed with a design grid, showing where each diamond should be placed. Adhesive-backed canvases ensure that diamonds stick firmly. Most canvases range from 12x12 inches to 24x36 inches, but custom sizes are available. Opt for canvases with a clear, easy-to-read grid to avoid mistakes and ensure a smooth painting experience.

Diamonds (Drills)

Diamonds, also known as drills, come in two shapes: square and round. Square diamonds fit together neatly, leaving no gaps, and are preferred by many for their mosaic-like appearance. Round diamonds are easier to pick up and place, making them ideal for beginners. Kits typically include 2,000 to 5,000 diamonds in a variety of colors, with each color coded to match the canvas.

Diamond Pen and Wax

The diamond pen is essential for picking up and placing diamonds. Pens vary in style and ergonomics, with some featuring comfort grips to reduce hand strain. Wax or gel is used with the pen to make picking up diamonds easier. Quality wax ensures that diamonds stick to the pen without falling off. Using a wax-filled pen speeds up the diamond painting process and enhances precision.


Tweezers are another tool for placing diamonds, especially useful for square drills. High-quality tweezers with a fine point allow for precise placement and adjustments. Stainless steel tweezers are durable and offer better control. Tweezers are essential for correcting mistakes and placing diamonds in tight spaces.


The tray holds the diamonds while you work. A good tray helps organize diamonds by color and prevents spills. Grooved trays allow you to shake the diamonds into a flat layer, making them easier to pick up with the pen. Multiple trays can be useful when working with many colors simultaneously.

Storage Solutions

Organizing your diamonds is crucial. Storage solutions include small containers, zip-lock bags, and organizers with compartments. Label each container with the corresponding color code to keep your workspace tidy. Large projects benefit from using a storage system to avoid losing or mixing diamonds.

Light Pad

A light pad illuminates the canvas from below, making it easier to see the grid and color codes. LED light pads are popular for their brightness and energy efficiency. Adjustable brightness settings allow you to work comfortably in different lighting conditions. Using a light pad can reduce eye strain and improve accuracy.


After completing a diamond painting, sealing it ensures that the diamonds stay in place. Sealants come in sprays or brush-on liquids. A good sealant will protect your artwork from dust and moisture. Seal your painting to preserve its beauty and durability.

Additional Accessories

Other useful accessories include magnifying glasses for detailed work, washi tape to secure the edges of the canvas, and frame hangers for displaying finished pieces. Invest in quality tools to enhance your diamond painting experience and achieve the best results.

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