Who Are the Top Granite Manufacturers?

The granite industry is one of the most significant players in the natural stone global market, as it provides top quality materials for everything from luxe kitchen countertops to sturdy floor tiles. There are a number of front running industry manufacturers that excel in quality, sustainability and innovatory. So who are these top players of granite manufacturing sector? Here we will delve into it.

Cosentino Group
The Spain-based Cosentino Group is well-known for producing top-tier stone products, from its ubiquitous Silestone line of quartz to Sensa granite. Having been in business for more than 80 years, Cosentino knows exactly how to extract and treat granite so every slab looks stunning and is built to last. The company has quarries and factories worldwide, including in the US, Brazil and India,meaning it is a power house on an international level. Cosentino is still a market leader with sales in 2020 that were $1 billion or significantly higher.

Polycor Inc.
As the largest granite extractor and manufacturer in North America as well as one of the technologically advanced, Polycor Inc., of Quebec, Canada focuses on sustainability by utilizing 100% of extracted stone. Environmental degradation is significantly reduced thanks to the company's avant-garde system of quarrying, which also employs diamond wire gear. With a wide range of products and its pledge to clean, responsible quarrying practices, Polycor is among the top-rated stone companies for architects and designers everywhere.

Granite India
It is a perfect combination of the best traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques that believe in being one of the top granite manufacturers, especially on an international level.Granite India Urban district of 100000 m² workshop 200 workers manufacturing Own three quarry direct to solve any problems out of stockLocated in one of the world’s biggest granite native land,The company supply all kinds colors and patterns upon customers' minds and save as much cost as possible for them including prefabricated slabs. Their machines are state of the art to give you exact cuts every time, but more importantly, they control their quality from mine to market so that only top quality stones make it your hand.

Spanish giant Levantina has also been influential in the granite sector, thanks to its broad quarry base. One of the materials they specialize in is their star product Crema Marfil marble. The company is also furthering innovation in granite with its development of proprietary technologies that enhance the natural properties of granite, adapting to new architectural applications.

Rock of Ages
Rock of Ages is talking about its heritage and a craftsman's quality you just don't find on much else these days, coming from Vermont in America The range is not a simple maker but also a carver of memorial along with stonework thats incomparable in natural beauty and durability. Theirs in the Graniteville quarry, reportedly the largest deep-hole dimension granite quarry still technically worked (although it has not been active since early this century) is only 75 feet by 40 feet wide and 100-feet deep.

They are not only ones that produce fantastic quality granite but also, they are among the few companies who thrive to keep these mining practices sustainable and innovative in the industry. It also assists in the constant provision of high-quality materials, and further develops possibilities for working with natural stone.

For a closer look at these leading granite manufacturers , including whom they cater to and what they offer, refer to the associated source for details.

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