How Many Chinese People Speak English?

Assessment of English Language Ability in China

Today, English occupies a position of unparalleled importance in China, where the advantages of communicating in English in areas of business, education, and international affairs remain unmistakable. The more China engages the world market, the more of its citizenry learns, speaks and can perform in English.

Insights through statistics into English

Roughly 10% of China, according to reports, speaks English at a very basic level. For a 1.4+ billion population, that is 140+ million who can speak English to some extent. An ever increasing number- thanks to anti-education policies and the needs of global capitalism.

English Education in China

In the primary and secondary schools of China, English is a compulsory course starting from the third grade. The Chinese education makes a great boycott in English study and that is done everywhere the world, from basic education to university. We can be more certain about the the widespread nature of basic English knowledge across the population: English is a compulsory subject for the majority of any given cohort until they are 15, which means all have at least nine years of exposure to the language.

Urban Hives: the Engines of Excellence

Urban areas, where more international trade, tourism, and education tends to be centralized, tend to have higher levels of English proficiency in general. Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou would probably remember the highest number of English speakers. These cities often have a population that speaks English well including the younger generation, and in most business environments.

The Cultural and Economic Impact of English

Speaking English is becoming more and more profitable in China, provides a way out of the poverty circle, and possibility of a much better job. It is the utilitarian perspective of English that motivates students as well as professionals to enhance their English language skills. In addition to that, it is also line of conduits to global culture — western movies, foreign literatures, international news, etc, which further motivate people to learn it.

Language Competence Difficulties

Even millions of nonnative speakers like to learn English, but not many of them can speak it very well, especially in China. It means low quality here and there, especially between rural and urban English education. Chinas difficulty with obtaining higher levels of fluency has swayed toward its lack of a natural English-speaking environment.


It's a clear indication of how the Chinese nation is adapting to the rest of the world. This should improve further as greater numbers of students are exposed to the English language abroad, in line with a trend towards an increasingly English-based world.

If you want to get down into the numbers, on how well english is spoken in china reading about the number of chinese speak english gives a good sense of where things are today and what is underway to teach english in china. how many chinese people speak english

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